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Web Resources

This is a collection of web resources (primarily articles and blog posts) I have found useful or interesting, organized by broad category. This is not necessarily an endorsement for all of the opinions or styles presented, though it is generally representative of my interests in mental health, body acceptance, and other issues.

My Own Writing
This link leads to a list of internet publications I authored or to which I contributed content. These articles reflect my interests in body image, eating habits, self-awareness, pop culture, and counselor training.

Therapy & Relationships

Case Study: Dancing with the Unconscious
An example of how the body can be used in therapy to access old beliefs about ourselves and others and transform them.

What to Say to Someone Who’s Sick
Tips for showing you care when it’s hard to know what to say.

Frank’s Story at Runner’s World
Powerful account of a local Olympian’s recovery from an abusive childhood.


When Truisms Are True
Discussion of how our bodies influence our perception of the world, including how changing external factors can influence the way you think.

Video: How To Break The Cookie Habit
Excellent New York Times short video on how habits are formed and broken.

How Companies Learn Your Secrets
Accompanying article in the New York Times on habit formation (and how companies use this to get your business).

High Sensitivity

So You’re Highly Sensitive: What Does That Really Mean?
A thorough look at what high sensitivity looks and feels like, and how being highly sensitive rearranges priorities compared to folks without high sensitivity.

Body Acceptance, Eating, & Health

The Fantasy of Being Thin
Must-read post on size acceptance as it directly relates to self acceptance.

The HAES Files: Are You Ready for a Paradigm Shift?
A brief introduction to Health at Every Size.

Myths About Binge Eating & The Challenges of Recovery
An Expert’s Struggle with Binge Eating and Her Successful Recovery
Powerful Ways to Improve Your Body Image
Series of Q&A with an expert on Binge Eating Disorder.

3 Body Image Myths We Keep On Believing
The Shame Game: How the War on Obesity is Bad for our Health
(note: though this author and I share our first name, I did not write the posts for the blog Nourishing the Soul)

The Unspoken Underbelly of Obesity
Shame is ineffective in creating authentic, lasting change.

Why I’m Fat Positive
“I’m fat positive because no matter what size you are, you shouldn’t be ashamed.”