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This is a collection of my own published writing. My writing interests are primarily related to: eating and the body, especially as it relates to our culture; self-awareness methods; the intersection of pop culture and psychology; and counselor training and development. I am happy to take article or quotation requests, and those can be submitted through this website’s contact form or by calling me.

The Suprising Overlap of Dieting and Motherhood
An exploration of the ways in which women, especially, are criticized for things they do not entirely control, and how self-acceptance is the way out of this cycle of self-hatred.

Strategies for Listening to Your Body
This is the first of a three-part article I wrote for Weightless, a blog on body image and all the ways it impacts our lives. It is an introduction to developing body awareness through a formal or informal regular practice of self-study.

Understanding What Your Body Wants, Part I
The follow-up on developing body awareness is starting to understand what your body tells you.

Understanding What Your Body Wants, Part II
The final piece in this three-part article on reading your body signals.

Creating the Perfect Work Week
This two-part article on Private Practice Toolbox is for therapists in private practice. It is a collection of ideas to help developing and seasoned private practice therapists develop a more satisfying work week. Part Two is here.

Seven Damaging Myths about Self-Care

How to Stop Feeling Guilty about Practicing Self-Care
A piece on overcoming barriers to self-care, especially for women.

Seven Simple Ways to Break Your Bad Mood
I contributed heavily to this article on acknowledging and potentially shifting a low mood.

Eight Sneaky Things That Can Sink Your Mood
This is another piece on low mood to which I contributed substantially.

Eight Tips for a Fairly Stress-Free and Fulfilling Holiday
I am a contributor to this piece on self-care over the holidays.

Holiday Gifts That Don’t Cost a Thing
I am a contributor to this piece on holiday presents without spending money.

Interview: Clinicians on the Couch
An interview with me about my work, how I got here, and what I would like people to know about therapy.

Therapy Dogs
An article I wrote about the benefits of working with companion animals when I practiced therapy with my dog.